Title: Advocacy Duo Part 1 & 2

Size: 24 in x 48 in

Medium: Acrylic and mixed media on canvas


Part 1: the CURE

A reflection of the current disparities endured by African Americans within the healthcare system. Way before the Rona we endured a plethora of systematic differences in the quality of medical care and mental health treatment(s) that we receive. The Rona simply highlights these differences and the systemic racism that still exists. We have many startups, mothers, business leaders and advocates that would gladly assist in addressing these disparities, however, dollars speak louder than words and our voices remain unheard. Hence why she wears a shirt titled “the CURE”. She holds many valuable answers and perspectives in addressing this plague and others that directly impact her community yet remains silenced and limited in doing so.


The canvas defines both “pandemic” and “quarantine” in black letters on the black acrylic paint. This is meant to reflect both the direct, yet indirect methods in which certain communities never experience quality care and are often further marginalized.


In the halo reads “is my life worth LESS than yours?” and provides a definition of disparity.



Depicts an African American ready and willing to disrupt the current social constructs that inhibit our culture from receiving adequate, ethical and equal healthcare especially in the midst of a pandemic. She/he is raw, unfiltered and willing to lay it all out on the line for the sake of equality. The Revolution never waits for permission to be heard and persistently seeks aggressive measures to bring light to these issues.


There are inherent risks in this approach, but the culmination of both personas/attitudes essentially produce a progressive approach to next steps for our culture to rapidly and proactively move forward despite circumstances.


Which member best reflects your views and experiences? 


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Advocacy Duo 24x48 (set of 2)

Are you the Cure or the Revolution?
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