Title: Misogynoir

Size: 30 in x 40 in

Medium: Acrylic and mixed media on stretched canvas


She is not defined by others

She is not defined by her hair or her style

She is not held accountable for the actions of others

She is not limited to systems that were built to constrain and retain her intelligence, her individuality 

She is strength embodied in whatever energy she chooses to exude

She is in control of her own narrative

She is resilience defined and perceived weaknesses shattered 



This word resonated me after not only my own personal experiences, but reading articles about the disheartening experiences of black women worldwide. She was painted before ever learning about the originator of the term. After finishing the painting and further research I found #MoyaBailey and was amazed with her research, her efforts and her voice.


In interpersonal relationships, healthcare, employment, business, education, politics and even arts & entertainment there STILL exists this battle for dignity and respect for black women. We show up and our skin and gender define us before we even have a chance to open our mouths; to exude our true selves. Often seen as objects and something to degrade and control, but never as a force, a human being to be admired and respected. 


I implore you to check your soul, your mentality and your actions as they relate to how you show up (or don’t show up) for black women. I sincerely feel that this is just another area in our world that many will continue to turn a blind eye to. History, however, has show that inaction only perpetuates pain and trauma experienced by our most vulnerable often until it’s too late. Our history has shown that our lives and our humanity are merely inconveniences to a system that just wants to remind us of “our place”. A society that still believes that violence in any form against a black woman is either “deserved” or her statements met with scrutiny. 


A world that expects us to:

Be smart, but not “too smart”

Be affirmative, but not “too strong”

Be honest, but not “too blunt”

Be vocal, but not “too loud”

Be yourself, but not “too black”


We are not dumping grounds for vile acts and ideologies. We deserve our voices and our stories to be HEARD and not judged or deemed laughable.


Do you not see the domino effect that exists when an entire race is marginalized and abused?


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Misogynoir Revisited 30 x 40

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