Title: Overtaken

Size: 24 in x 36 in

Medium: Acrylic and mixed media on stretched canvas


Second painting from the Rare series


The Calculated Criminal: #TMWRM

It’s rare that you come across a devote Christian disguised as a criminal, let alone an extremely calculated one. One that lives and breathes acquisition, control and money over all humane things to include the hearts and bodies that don’t belong to him. His eyes seethed in hazel-green pain, he has no limits, no lines to draw in the pursuit of power.  His high is abuse and misuse in all forms.


Regrettably a man of African American descent so determined to learn the game, the system that traditionally imprisons his own community that he’d willingly sacrifice the lives of his own kind. He holds nothing but material things and the relationships that were built on crime and deceit sacred. You are only his enemy if you expect more of him: honesty, integrity, and respect.


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Overtaken 24 x 36

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